Mesa Nesy comprar online
Mesa Nesy comprar online

Nesy Table

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The Nesy Table, with black metallic legs and glass surface, is the perfect addition to contemporary homes. Its dimensions of 75x140x90 cm make it ideal for family gatherings or dinners with friends. The elegant and modern design of this table will bring a touch of style and sophistication to any dining room.


Height: 75 cm

Width: 140 cm

Depth: 90 cm

Reference: nesymesa

Color: Black metallic legs and glass surface

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The Nesy Table

The Nesy Table, featuring black metal legs and an elegant glass surface, measures 75x140x90 cm and is an ideal choice for contemporary homes. Its modern design and high-quality materials make it sturdy and durable, fitting various interior styles. This table not only adds a touch of elegance to your dining room but also offers the convenience of self-service and the possibility of creating a personalized budget on our website.

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