Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Kit Descans' youth bunk beds are ideal for bedrooms with limited space, offering a practical and stylish solution. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, our youth bunk beds are the perfect choice for maximizing space with style.

Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom B01

The Youth Bedroom B01 is an innovative and complete solution for youth rooms. This reversible bed offers a unique design, allowing the wardrobe to be mounted on either the right or left side. It incorporates shelves at the back, a space for hanging clothes, and two drawers under the bed for additional storage. The ladder facilitates access to the upper...
Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom BO12

The Youth Bedroom BO12 without a box spring is a youth bed designed with functionality and space optimization in mind. This furniture is characterized by its three levels, offering two beds and drawers at the bottom. Ideal for shared rooms or hosting guests, this bedroom provides a practical and aesthetic solution without the need for additional box...
Youth Bedrooms

Oak Youth Bedroom

The Youth Oak Bedroom is an elegant and practical solution for modern youth spaces. This high bed, with its oak finish and integrated desk, is ideal for students and gamers requiring an efficient space. The desk under the bed is perfect for placing a computer and other necessary items for studying and playing, maximizing space use. Its contemporary design...
Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom Gaming 5050

The Youth Gaming Bedroom 5050 is an innovative space solution for young students and gamers. This high bed, with an integrated desk and stylish finish in anthracite and red, offers a multifunctional environment ideal for studying, working, and playing. The workspace under the bed is designed to accommodate a computer, books, and other essentials, creating...
Youth Bedrooms

Dormitori Juvenil Bunk Bed

The Youth Bedroom Bunk Bed is an ideal solution for maximizing space in youth rooms. Its design offers an additional hidden bed, perfect for unexpected visits. Built with a focus on safety, it brings a classic and durable style. This bunk bed, consisting of two beds and an additional one underneath, does not require a box spring, as it includes a...
Youth Bedrooms

Bunk Bed 250 Kit

The 250 Kit Bunk Bed, for mattress of 90x190, is notable for its robustness and modern design. In anthracite gray, this metal bunk bed is a solid and safe option for any youth bedroom. With the box springs already included, it offers ease of assembly and immediate use. Its design not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the...
Youth Bedrooms

Twin Bed Pacha - Oak

Discover the elegance and warmth of the Honey Oak finish with the Pacha Bunk Bed. This bunk bed is not just a piece of furniture, it's a smart solution for rooms with limited space. Its Honey Oak design brings a natural and cozy touch to the bedroom, ideal for creating a relaxing and youthful atmosphere. Perfect for those who value quality and aesthetics,...
The Ares Plus Compact Youth Double Bed combines style, functionality, and value. This modern piece features a design in Alpes White and Basalt, bringing an elegant and youthful touch to any room. The structure includes a movable double bed and two spacious drawers, optimizing space and offering ample storage. The drawer fronts are designed to create a...
The Elliot Double Youth Bed without box spring is a perfect solution for children's and youth rooms. This set includes a double bed with a large drawer and a shelf, offering an efficient and organized space. The modern design in Artic White and Velo White is ideal for creating a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. The trundle bed allows your child's...
Youth Bedrooms

Sacha Bedroom

The Sasha Reversible Bedroom, without a box spring, is an innovative and complete solution for youth rooms. It features two beds: a main one on top and another hidden in a large drawer at the bottom, easily accessible thanks to its wheels. This smart design maximizes space, incorporating a drawer under the desk, a wardrobe with space and door, a practical...
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