Multipurpose Cabinets

Maximize your home space with our multipurpose cabinets. Designed to offer versatile storage solutions, they perfectly fit any space, providing an ideal place to organize everything from clothes to cleaning items.


3-Door Broom Closet

The Fores Broom Closet with 3 doors, in White, is a practical and stylish storage solution for your home. It offers ample space with 3 doors, 2 interior shelves, and a special compartment for brooms, facilitating the organization and access to your cleaning utensils. Its swinging hinge system allows easy access to the inside, while the metal legs ensure...

Wardrobe 1 Door

The 1-Door Cabinet in White is the perfect solution for limited spaces, providing practical and organized storage. Ideal for storing cleaning supplies or small utensils in storage rooms or laundry areas, this cabinet maximizes available space without sacrificing style or functionality. Height: 180 cm Width: 37 cm Depth: 37 cm Reference: 007141O Color:...

2-Door Wardrobe

The 2-Door Cabinet is a versatile solution perfect for any space requiring additional storage. Its classic and practical design facilitates effective organization, allowing for easy integration into various room styles. Ideal for those looking to maximize storage without compromising on style. Height: 180 cm Width: 59 cm Depth: 37 cm Reference: 0071440...

2-Door Broom Closet

The 2-door white broom closet is perfect for organizing not just brooms but also a variety of cleaning tools. Its practical design offers ample space to keep everything tidy and out of sight, contributing to a cleaner and more organized environment. This closet combines functionality and aesthetics, fitting any decor thanks to its neutral color....

2-Door Shoe Cabinet

With a white design, this 2-door shoe cabinet is ideal for keeping your footwear organized and accessible. Its structure allows for maximum space utilization, facilitating organization and quick access to each pair of shoes. This piece of furniture not only adds functionality to your home but also perfectly integrates into any decor thanks to its neutral...

Low Wardrobe

The Low Cabinet is a compact and efficient storage solution, ideal for small spaces or as additional storage in any room. Its low and practical design facilitates home organization, offering extra space without taking up much room. This white piece of furniture easily integrates into any decor, bringing brightness and a sense of spaciousness....
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