Entryway Furniture

Entryway Furniture

Find the perfect entryway furniture at Kit Descans to welcome your home with style and functionality.


Ethna Hallway

The Ethna Hallway unit is an exceptionally functional piece designed to keep your entryway tidy and stylish. Equipped with two "push" opening system doors that eliminate the need for handles, it offers a clean, modern look. The interior includes a shelf, providing ample storage space for shoes, bags, jackets, and other items. The ABS legs are sturdy and...

Adhara Hallway

The Adhara Hallway unit, combining a shoe cabinet with a wall mirror, is the ideal solution for keeping the entry space organized. Capable of holding up to 12 pairs of shoes, it also includes two visible shelves for bags, boxes, or other items, and its top surface can serve as a small table. The large rectangular mirror visually expands the space, while...

Tekkan Hallway

The Tekkan Hallway unit is the perfect solution for small spaces thanks to its ability to be hung on the wall, optimizing space usage without occupying floor space. It offers ample storage space with its 1 drawer and 1 upper shelf, ideal for storing shoes, bags, keys, and other items. Includes a rectangular mirror, expanding the functionality and style of...

Dhalia Hallway

The Dhalia Hallway unit is noted for its modern and elegant design, providing ample storage space with its 1 drawer, 1 shelf, and 1 mirror. Its "push" drawer opening system adds a touch of sophistication and practicality. Available in two colors: Nodi Oak and Artik White, it perfectly adapts to any setting, offering both functionality and style. Height:...
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