Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedrooms

Explore our range of youth bedrooms at Kit Descans, perfect for creating a modern and functional space for young people. From bunk beds to wardrobes, each piece is designed with a fresh and contemporary style, maintaining quality and European design.


Kit Wardrobe with Wheels

The Wardrobe Kit with Wheels is an ideal option for youth and student bedrooms. Its design includes a curtain instead of traditional doors, offering a modern look and practical functionality. The curtain facilitates access and keeps contents hidden, maintaining a tidy environment. Equipped with wheels for easy mobility, this wardrobe provides space to...
Youth Bedrooms

Sacha Bedroom

The Sasha Reversible Bedroom, without a box spring, is an innovative and complete solution for youth rooms. It features two beds: a main one on top and another hidden in a large drawer at the bottom, easily accessible thanks to its wheels. This smart design maximizes space, incorporating a drawer under the desk, a wardrobe with space and door, a practical...

Delion Headboard - Fabric

The Delion - Fabric headboard stands out with its modern and elegant design, perfect for complementing any decor style. Upholstered in high-quality fabric, it offers a soft and pleasant texture to the touch, while the high-density foam padding ensures unmatched comfort. Available in various colors, the Delion headboard becomes the ideal choice to...
The Elliot Double Youth Bed without box spring is a perfect solution for children's and youth rooms. This set includes a double bed with a large drawer and a shelf, offering an efficient and organized space. The modern design in Artic White and Velo White is ideal for creating a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. The trundle bed allows your child's...
The 55543 Headboard in oak and white is the perfect solution for spaces that require less bulky headboards. It offers a streamlined design with a decorative white stripe, blending functionality with a touch of modern design. Designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical, this headboard adds comfort and style to any bedroom. Height: 80 cm Width:...
The Ares Plus Compact Youth Double Bed combines style, functionality, and value. This modern piece features a design in Alpes White and Basalt, bringing an elegant and youthful touch to any room. The structure includes a movable double bed and two spacious drawers, optimizing space and offering ample storage. The drawer fronts are designed to create a...

Delion Headboard - Fabric

The Delion - Faux Leather headboard, with its modern and elegant design, is the perfect addition to any decor style. Upholstered in high-quality faux leather, it offers durability and ease of cleaning, ideal for maintaining a flawless appearance. The wooden structure ensures strength and longevity over time. Available in various colors, it allows you to...
Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom B01

The Youth Bedroom B01 is an innovative and complete solution for youth rooms. This reversible bed offers a unique design, allowing the wardrobe to be mounted on either the right or left side. It incorporates shelves at the back, a space for hanging clothes, and two drawers under the bed for additional storage. The ladder facilitates access to the upper...

Athena High R. Canadian Shelf

Buy Athena High R. Canadian. The Athena High Shelf in Canadian Oak is an elegant solution for your storage needs. With a zigzag design, this shelf brings style and functionality, perfect for displaying your favorite decorative objects. Measurements: Height: 192 cm Width: 80 cm Depth: 25 cm Reference: 30101313F Color: Canadian Oak Kit Descans. Our...
The Horizon Headboard - White and Oak stands out with its minimalist and modern design, fitting perfectly into any decor style. The elegant combination of two colors, White and Oak, brings a sophisticated touch to the room. Its matte finish and ease of installation without the need for special tools make this headboard a practical and stylish option for...
Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom BO12

The Youth Bedroom BO12 without a box spring is a youth bed designed with functionality and space optimization in mind. This furniture is characterized by its three levels, offering two beds and drawers at the bottom. Ideal for shared rooms or hosting guests, this bedroom provides a practical and aesthetic solution without the need for additional box...
The Athena low shelf in Canadian Oak offers a classic and functional design. With three shelves and ample space, it's perfect for storage and decoration. Its Canadian Oak finish adds warmth and elegance to any dining room. Measurements: Height: 97 cm Width: 110 cm Depth: 25 cm Reference: 301012 Color: Canadian Oak Kit Descans. Our strengths or...
The Horizon Headboard - Hamilton Graffiti is a unique piece that adds a touch of personality and style to your bedroom. Its modern and elegant graffiti design, coupled with high-quality, soft, and comfortable fabric, turns any space into a trendy spot. Padded with high-density foam, it provides superior comfort, while its wooden structure ensures...
Youth Bedrooms

Youth Bedroom Gaming 5050

The Youth Gaming Bedroom 5050 is an innovative space solution for young students and gamers. This high bed, with an integrated desk and stylish finish in anthracite and red, offers a multifunctional environment ideal for studying, working, and playing. The workspace under the bed is designed to accommodate a computer, books, and other essentials, creating...
The Athena tall shelf in glossy white is an attractive piece with a zigzag shape. With six shelves and wide spaces, it's ideal for displaying and organizing. Its unique design and elegant finish add a sophisticated touch to any space. Measurements: Height: 192 cm Width: 80 cm Depth: 25 cm Reference: 301013B0 Color: Glossy White Kit Descans. Our...
The 55543 Headboard in white and silver is the ideal solution for bedrooms where space is at a premium. Its smooth and slim design allows for space-saving without sacrificing style or aesthetics. Each headboard combines practicality with a touch of elegance, providing comfort and a distinguished style to your bedroom. Height: 80 cm Width: 160 cm Depth: 3...
Youth Bedrooms

Oak Youth Bedroom

The Youth Oak Bedroom is an elegant and practical solution for modern youth spaces. This high bed, with its oak finish and integrated desk, is ideal for students and gamers requiring an efficient space. The desk under the bed is perfect for placing a computer and other necessary items for studying and playing, maximizing space use. Its contemporary design...

Athena Low Gloss White Shelf

L'étagère Athena basse en blanc brillant est un meuble élégant et pratique. Elle s'adapte parfaitement au sol, offrant un rangement stylisé. Son design contemporain et sa finition soignée la rendent idéale pour tout salle à manger moderne. Dimensions: HEight: 97 cm Width: 110 cm Profondeur: 25 cm Référence: 301012B0 Couleur: Blanc Brillant Kit Descans....
The Dream Headboard + Nightstands, in Artik White and Alaska Oak colors, is the ideal choice for adding a modern and elegant touch to your bedroom. Upholstered in fabric and padded with high-density foam, this headboard not only provides a sophisticated aesthetic look but also ensures great comfort. The matching nightstands perfectly complement the set,...
The Ayala Headboard + Nightstands set, in Canadian Oak with touches of Oxi, embodies the perfect blend of functionality and elegance. This stylish combination offers a coordinated and sophisticated style for any bedroom, standing out for both its aesthetics and practicality. The matching nightstands complete the set, ensuring visual and functional harmony...

Star Dresser

The Star Vanity, measuring 147 × 100 × 41 cm, includes LED lighting and a round mirror, providing a complete beauty station with drawers for additional storage. Its smart design makes it an ideal choice for any room, blending functionality and style seamlessly. Reference: 1735 Measurements: Height: 147 cm, Width: 100 cm, Depth: 41 cm Kit Descans. Our...

Klum Bright White Shelf

The Klum Shelf in glossy white is an attractive and practical option. With a ladder design and wide spaces, it's perfect for storing and stylishly displaying items. Ideal for contemporary dining rooms, this shelf offers a touch of modernity and functionality. Measurements: Height: 145 cm Width: 145 cm Depth: 29 cm Reference: 002255BO Color: Glossy White...

Hera Headboard + Nightstands

The Hera Headboard + Nightstands set, in Artik White with details in Belho White, is an elegant choice that brings a modern and sophisticated touch to your bedroom. Perfect for those seeking a contemporary style, this combination is ideal for adding a refined touch to any bedroom, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. Height: 102 cm Width: 247...

Gala Jewelry Mirror

The Gala Jewelry Mirror is an ingenious solution that combines a full-body mirror with a hidden space for storing jewelry. This dual design makes it a practical and attractive addition to any room, offering both functionality and style in a single piece of furniture. Measurements: 160x41x36 Color: White Reference: gala Kit Descans. Our strong points or...
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