TV Furniture

TV Furniture

Kit Descans TV furniture is the perfect solution for integrating your entertainment into the dining room. Designed with functionality and style in mind, our TV furniture adapts to any space, providing efficient organization and an elegant design.

Dining Room

Roomers TV Stand in White and Oak

The Roomers TV stand, in an elegant white and oak combination, is a centerpiece for any dining room or living area. With 3 drawers and 1 door, it offers a practical and stylistic storage solution. Its Nordic design and European manufacturing ensure durability and a modern aesthetic. Height: 48 cm Width: 156 cm Depth: 48 cm Reference: 9217949ak Color:...
Dining Room

Oslo TV Stand / 2 Drawers

The Oslo TV Stand, with 2 drawers, is ideal for organizing your multimedia devices and accessories. Its white design with oak details brings a modern and warm touch to your living room. Measurements: Height: 58 cm. Width: 117 cm. Depth: 39 cm. Reference: 7539149akColor: White, oak details Kit Descans. Our strengths or advantages. Immediate delivery: All...
Dining Room

Media TV Stand

The Media TV Furniture, in Artik white and Canadian oak, stands out for its modern and functional design. With dimensions of 57 × 172 × 40 cm, it offers ample storage space, ideal for keeping your entertainment area organized. Its color combination and design bring a touch of elegance and modernity to any living room. Measurements: Height: 57 cm Width:...
Dining Room

Baltik TV Stand

The Baltik TV Furniture is distinguished by its ample storage space, including 2 doors and 1 compartment, ideal for organizing all your devices and accessories. Its metallic hinges ensure smooth opening and closing, while the ABS anti-noise and anti-scratch pads protect the floor, ensuring the furniture's durability and stability. Designed to complement...
Dining Room

Blue Tech TV Stand

The Blue Tech TV Furniture combines modern design and elegance with functionality. It features ample storage space, including 2 flip-down doors and 2 shelves. An integrated blue LED lighting system in the shelves adds a contemporary and welcoming touch. Finished in glossy white, it perfectly adapts to any interior decoration. Measurements: Height: 43 cm...
This RY TV Stand combines functionality and style with its drawer and door, perfect for organizing your devices and multimedia accessories. Its walnut black design easily integrates into any decor. Measurements: Height: 60 cm. Width: 150 cm. Depth: 40 cm. Reference: 86007gmdj Color: Walnut black Kit Descans. Our strengths or advantages. Immediate...
Dining Room

Aria TV Stand 2 drawers

The Aria TV Stand stands out for its functionality and contemporary design, with 2 drawers offering ample storage space. Its combination of Bardolino Oak and Ceramic finishes adds a touch of elegance and modernity to any living room. Measurements: Height: 46 cm. Width: 154 cm. Depth: 45 cm. Reference: 8393 Colors: Bardolino Oak and Ceramic finishes Kit...
Dining Room

Roomers TV Stand in Black

Bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your living room with the Roomers TV unit, designed with 3 drawers and 1 door for optimal organization. This piece perfectly combines functionality and style, with its finish in black and walnut that fits into any decor. Dimensions: Height: 48 cm. Width: 156 cm. Depth: 48 cm. Reference: 9217986dj Color: black /...
Dining Room

Julia TV Stand with Shelves

The Julia TV unit with shelves is ideal for those seeking practicality and style in their living room. Its design efficiently organizes your multimedia devices and decorations, making the most of the available space. Measurements: Height: 44 cm. Width: 221 cm. Depth: 40 cm. Reference: 016647w Color: Nodi Oak and Artik White Kit Descans. Our Strengths or...
Dining Room

Kikua Plus TV Stand with Shelves

The Kikua Plus TV Stand with shelves is the perfect combination of functionality and style. Designed to fit any space, it offers ample storage thanks to its integrated shelves, ideal for keeping your living room organized and stylish. Measurements: Height: 50 cm. Width: 135 cm. Depth: 40 cm. Reference: 016616f Color: Canadian Oak and Artik White Kit...
Dining Room

Brooklyn TV Stand

The Brooklyn TV Stand is the ideal addition to your living room, offering a modern and practical design. It features 2 non-removable drawers and 2 push-open doors, providing ample storage space for electronic devices, board games, or any other items. Its functional design makes organizing and accessing your belongings effortless. Measurements: Height 47...
Dining Room

Zaiken Plus TV Stand with Shelf

The Zaiken Plus TV Stand with shelving is an elegant and functional solution for your living room. It offers ample storage space, including 2 doors, 2 compartments, and 1 top shelf, perfect for organizing devices and accessories. Its "push" door opening system adds a modern and practical touch to the design. Measurements Height: 51 cm Width: 180 cm Depth:...
Dining Room

Ambit TV Stand

The Ambit TV Stand, with its modern and elegant design, is the ideal piece to complement your living room. It offers ample storage space with 2 doors and 2 compartments, perfect for organizing your devices and accessories. It features metallic hinges, chrome-effect metal handles, and a hidden ABS leg for increased stability, as well as ABS noise-reducing...
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