Dining Room Compositions

At Kit Descans, we offer dining room compositions that combine style and functionality. Our options range from modern to classic designs, ensuring you find the perfect set for your home. With European manufacturing quality, each composition is unique.

The R480 Fixed Table is recognized for its modern and minimalist design, measuring 76 cm in height, 120 cm in width, and 80 cm in depth. Its robust and stable legs make it ideal for any setting, available in two colors: white and oak. Accompanying this table, the set of 4 Paris chairs, available in a variety of colors, are perfect for both indoor and...
Dining Room

Suecia Table + 4 Bistro Chairs Set

The Sweden Table + 4 Bistro Chairs set is the perfect combination of functionality and design. Measuring 75x120x80 cm, this set offers manufacturing quality at an accessible price, ideal for any space. The Bistro Chairs, available in a variety of colors, add a modern and versatile touch. Measurements: Height: 75 cm Width: 120 cm Depth: 80 cm Reference:...
Dining Room

Alida Living Room Furniture

The Alida living room furniture redefines organization and style with its ample storage space. It includes a TV base module with 4 doors and 1 interior shelf, a high module type showcase with 2 doors and 2 shelves, and an external shelving unit. It features a "push" door opening system and metallic legs with ABS anti-scratch and anti-noise pads. The...
Dining Room

Essential Living Room Furniture

The Essential living room furniture stands out for its modern and elegant design. It offers ample storage space, complemented by a LED lighting system in the showcase and the high module. The doors feature a "push" opening system for convenience, and it stands on metallic legs that add a contemporary touch. Measurements: Height: 185 cm Width: 260 cm...
Dining Room

Ervin Living Room Unit

The Ervin Living Room Furniture stands out for its combination of aesthetics and functionality, perfect for adding character and elegance to any room. It offers ample storage space with its design in Canadian Oak and Artik White, ideal for maintaining a tidy and harmonious environment. Measurements: Height: 175 cm. Width: 240 cm. Depth: 41 cm. Reference:...
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