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Bruno Armchair Bed 90x190x18 cm | Kitdescans
Bruno Armchair Bed 90x190x18 cm | Kitdescans

Bruno Armchair Bed 90x190x18 cm

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The Bruno Sofa Bed at 138 cm wide is the perfect choice to maximize space without sacrificing style or comfort. With an 18 cm mattress, it ensures optimal rest. With Italian system


Width: 90 cm.

Height: 190 cm.

Mattress Height: 18 cm.

Reference: 00brunoBDG

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Made in Europe

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Bruno Armchair Bed 90x190x18 cm

The Bruno Armchair Bed 90x190x18 cm wide offers a spacious and comfortable solution for your home, featuring a 90x190 cm mattress with a height of 18 cm. It incorporates an Italian style opening system, facilitating an efficient and simple transformation from armchair to bed, while keeping the cushions in place. Ideal for multifunctional spaces where both comfort and efficient space usage are required. Available in a wide range of colors.

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