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Bruno Armchair Bed 80x190x18 cm | Kitdescans
Bruno Armchair Bed 80x190x18 cm | Kitdescans

Bruno Armchair Bed 80x190x18 cm

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The Bruno Sofa Bed, at 128 cm wide, offers a practical and stylish solution for any space. Ideal for unexpected guests, it combines comfort and versatility in a compact design. With Italian system


Width: 80 cm.

Height: 190 cm.

Mattress Height: 18 cm.

Reference: 00brunoBD

Color: Available in a variety of colors, upon receipt of your quote we will contact you to define the options.

Made in Europe

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Bruno Armchair Bed 80x190x18 cm

The Bruno Armchair Bed 80x190x18 cm wide is the perfect solution for small spaces, offering a comfortable mattress of 80x190 cm. Its Italian opening system allows for a quick and easy transformation from armchair to bed, keeping the cushions in place. This practical and easy-to-use system facilitates the deployment of the mattress without the need to remove cushions. Available in a wide selection of colors to suit any decor.

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