Mueble Lavabo Athena 2 cajones y espejo roble Alaska
Mueble Lavabo Athena 2 cajones y espejo roble Alaska

Athena Washbasin Cabinet 2 Drawers and Mirror

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The Athena Bathroom Cabinet with 2 drawers and mirror (Color: Alaska Oak) is a modern and elegant piece of furniture that offers ample storage space with its 2 drawers. Its complementary mirror adds a touch of sophistication and functionality. Made from high-quality melamine, this piece of furniture is a functional and practical option for any home.


Height: 80 cm

Width: 80 cm

Depth: 45 cm

Reference: 305422C

Color: Alaska Oak

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Athena Washbasin Cabinet 2 Drawers and Mirror

This Athena Washbasin Cabinet, with 2 drawers and mirror in Alaska oak finishing, offers a contemporary and practical design for your bathroom.

With a size of 80 × 80 × 45 cm, this washbasin cabinet (without sink included) is ideal for organizing and enhancing your space.

Available for immediate delivery and with our self-service facility, we make your purchasing process easy.

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